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Tooling and Forging

Tooling and Forging

The heart of the company is a 5000 ton water press where all of our processes were developed. A 2000 ton press has been rebuilt to add the ability to forge smaller near net and close die shapes. The company is continuing to invest in more machining capacity. Combined with our ingenious method of re-configuring old dies, our tooling methods allows us to make the claim:

Tooling is an important part of near net shape forgings and the inventory of available modular components allows Lenape to add grain flow or minimize the needed input weights on expensive alloys. This saves our customers money and time in machining to their final configuration.

The forging methods we use include:

  • Contour die
  • Open die
  • Back extrusion
  • Mandrel expansion
  • Closed die
  • Modular die
  • Upsetting
  • Piercing and punching
  • Plate flueing and forming

Lenape Forged Products, a part of the Aerospace and Specialty Metals Group, provides solutions to the more complex and demanding metal requirements needed to operate America’s military, aerospace, and power generation needs. This business unit works in tandem with our sister engineering, forging, and complex machining operations to deliver final machined product where and when requested.

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