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Lenape Forged Products Facilities

Lenape Forged Products Corporation is located on a 42-acre stretch of land on the banks of the historic Brandywine Creek in outside Philadelphia, 45 minutes from the International Airport, along the Rt 95 corridor. The nearly 100 year old, multi-building complex includes a large production facility, materials/testing laboratories, offices and storage plus ample room for expansion. All aspects of production are located on our grounds, from the initial order quotations and order processing through forging, heat treatment, rough machining, and testing. Lenape Forge will take on the full production of completed machined parts with our customer/partners. We provide full transparency in all that we do. Our outside vendors are vetted, audited, and competent.

Our Facilities Encompass:

  • 135,000 sq ft of production space
  • Two office buildings
  • Laboratory building
  • Receiving and storage area
  • Parting department (cold-saw cutting and water jet)
  • Forging and forming department (5000 and 2000 ton presses)
  • Heat treating department– including 6000 lb capacity drop bottom water quench aluminum furnace
  • Welding, grinding and grit blasting department
  • Machining department to +/-.062
  • NDE with staffed Level III and Level II in both UT, MP, and LP
  • Inspection and quality control department
  • Room for expansion
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