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Lenape has been selected by internationally known aerospace companies and has supplied them with many key components for their space launch rockets and launch vehicles. Our alloy steel shaped nozzle forgings have been used since the 1980’s on the Delta family of rocket motors. Zero defects are a must particularly with manned missions. With every single launch, millions of dollars, and sometimes human lives, are on the line. Lenape forgings have been onboard in many of those launches and have come through every time without fail.

We are hard at work to help burgeoning North American rocket motor companies forge the copper, nickel, titanium, and carbon alloy components to cement the US Space Efforts as the world-leading standard. Whether AMS, ASTM, MiL, or customer specific requirements, Lenape will develop the process to forge the required parts.

Our ASMG family allows us to deliver turnkey products to help our customers achieve the lowest overall acquisition costs. Forging, machining, heat treating, and coatings, we’ll work with you to produce the successful component.

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