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Custom Forgings

Lenape depends on both of our 5000 and 2000 ton hydraulic presses, a maximum weight of 28,000 lbs with an envelope as large as 72” x 72” x 120”. The variety of grades we have experience with and our ability to produce single-piece lot sizes, coupled with the willingness to work with you on new products is what makes Lenape a company worth working with.

First Articles for the Navy, Missile Defense, Commercial Space Launches, and contracts for the US Army are some of our past accomplishments. Taking the concept past the prototype and into the production state is what we do.

Lenape Forged Products, a part of the Aerospace and Specialty Metals Group, provides solutions to the more complex and demanding metal requirements needed to operate America’s military, aerospace, and power generation needs. This business unit works in tandem with our sister engineering, forging, and complex machining operations to deliver final machined product where and when requested.

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