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Product Capabilities

Product Capabilities

Lenape Forged Products Corporation manufactures two basic groups of products: custom-forged components & assemblies, and standard products which are inventoried. Standard products at Lenape comprise several types of manways. These manways are forged in advance and kept in inventory for quick shipment. They include elliptical manways, flat machined high pressure manways and custom-designed quick opening manways.

The bulk of our business involves the manufacture of custom forgings. These forgings are made to customer specifciations in 135,000 square foot manufacturing plant. We continue to produce complex mission-critical forgings in a variety of materials and configurations.

Lenape Forged Products, a part of the Aerospace and Specialty Metals Group, provides solutions to the more complex and demanding metal requirements needed to operate America’s military, aerospace, and power generation needs. This business unit works in tandem with our sister engineering, forging, and complex machining operations to deliver final machined product where and when requested.

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